The Unity App: The Recovery Connector

In our previous post 20+ Mobile Apps for Sobriety and Recovery Support, we discussed how busy people or those unable to travel to or attend meet-ups, meetings, and other sober support opportunities can now use mobile apps to make connecting with others from their mobile devices much easier.

We recently heard about the Unity app, which supports healthy communities in social media. The Unity APP – the recovery connector –  is a geo location-based program that instantly connects people seeking to expand their social “recovery” network or when they need help.

The website for the app says: “Users can geo locate others, create favorite lists, post recovery events and ask for help at the push of a button.  Persons in recovery seek like minded people to support them in staying clean, sober and happy. Unity APP will help users accomplish their personal recovery goal by connecting them with the right people at the right time.”

The Unity app helps you:

  • Find others around you who can help you in your recovery journey
  • Find meetings fast: Unity connects you with the most accurate meeting directory on the planet!  Meet up with real people who attend real meetings.
  • Search for events in your area and abroad.
  • Use the Step 2 tool when you need help.
  • Find out who around you is having a Recovery Celebration!
The Unity app is also very affordable, priced at only $2.99!
Will you be trying out the Unity app? Using it already? Please let us know what you think in the comments below!


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Unity App: The Recovery Connector

Unity App: The Recovery Connector