Social Media for Sobriety & RecoverySocial Media Resources for Your Sobriety & Recovery

There is a lot of chatter online about how social networks and social media can help with recovery from addiction. In the old days, a person in recovery would have to find a way to attend their counseling or support meetings, whether by car, bus, bike or by good old fashioned walking.

Now, whether you’re exploring the internet from your mobile device, home, school or your local library, you have access to any number of social media hubs that allow you to be part of any community you’d like.  And the best part? There are actually quite a few opportunities to be a part of social groups that help support your journey to and through recovery online!

Here are just a few well known websites and social media communities and resources to help you find friends, sponsors and a healthy, supportive community, all at your fingertips!

 Online Social Resources

In the Rooms – Register for In the Rooms for FREE to get exclusive free access to Daily Meditations, Speaker Tapes, and over 217,998 people in addiction and alcoholism recovery who are willing to share their experience, strength and hope with YOU.

Above the Influence – Above the Influence is a place where teens can stand up to negative pressure, connect with others, join the discussion and just be themselves.

The FixThe Fix is the world’s leading website about addiction and recovery, featuring a daily mix of breaking news, exclusive interviews, investigative reports, and essays on sober living by some of the top writers in the country. They also offer a comprehensive list of nationwide recovery services and rigorously reported reviews of top treatment centers across the US, with input from thousands of alumni.

Sober24 – Sober24, a service of the Hazelden Foundation, provides an online fellowship for people who are sharing the journey of recovery from addiction and compulsive behaviors.

Sober Nation – Sober Nation Facebook page. Sober Nation’s goal is to help the struggling alcoholic and addict while giving guidance to affected family members.

Addiction Social Network –  Addiction Social Network is an expansive, worldwide community of addicts, and folks who seek to live a sober life, free from drugs and alcohol. Their members range from 13 years of age to seniors, and just about every nationality who contributes to sobriety via the network.

The Partnership at – Facebook Page for The Partnership at, dedicated to solving the problem of teen substance abuse.

Sober Recovery Forum – Online sobriety and recovery community and forum

If you know of a great online resource for socialization in support of sobriety and recovery, please join in the conversation and let us know in the comments below!