Certification Course Content

If you get great joy out of helping people achieve recovery success, then this live webinar training course is for you!

Because we limit our enrollment to either individual training sessions, or small online groups of up to 6 participants, we can structure our training in a highly experiential and personalized manner. Our training is comprised of strength-based concepts and solutions-focused, transformative approaches that coaches can begin using immediately with their clients.

Our training program is aligned with NAADAC standards and the Substance Abuse and Mental Health Administration (SAMHA) recovery oriented systems of care.

Our training consists of 10 comprehensive learning modules, including syllabus and home-based support materials which represent 25 hours of comprehensive training.

Our comprehensive 10 module training covers:

  • Recovery coaching process: more than one path to sobriety.
  • Building recovery capital.
  • Establishing the coaching relationship.
  • Focusing on client empowerment.
  • Whole Life Recovery: balanced sober living.
  • Personal & professional traits of a recovery coach.
  • Strength-based coaching and related skill sets.
  • Coaching stages for change: committing clients to action.
  • Cognitive restructuring: challenging cognitive distortions.
  • Motivational interviewing and related skill sets.
  • Solutions-focused questioning skill sets.
  • Trans-cultural competencies.
  • Community recovery support systems.
  • Laws, ethics, responsibilities and boundaries.
  • Launching your own sober coaching enterprise.
  • 4-week after-training back-up and consultation.

Recovery Coach Academy will provide participants with:

  • 30 hours of comprehensive skills-building training
  • All recovery coach training materials
  • Support and home-based materials
  • Eight hours of after-training consultation and support
  • Full certification conferring you as: Professional Recovery Coach

Recovery coaching is one of the fastest growing professions and is rapidly redefining the world of personal health coaching.

Alcoholics Anonymous sponsors make wonderful Recovery Coaches. As an A.A. sponsor, you have already been providing support, encouragement, validation, accountability, challenge and insight into what a recovering client can become.

Through strategic planning, a recovery coach can help clients in recovery empower themselves in getting clarity of their vision of life and making their sober goals a reality.

A recovery coach is a “non clinical” certified expert who provides structure, options and accountability to persons recovering from any addictive substance or habit. Starting Point Academy’s coach training programs are part of a continuum of care philosophy recommended by nationally respected drug and alcohol prevention agencies.

Our 25 hour training program is an evidence-based practice for supporting people with disorders related to substance abuse.

The training is for A.A. sponsors and people with three years of sobriety who have successfully created the recovery capital necessary for maintaining their own sobriety.

Relapse prevention is an important aspect of recovery support. Starting Point Academy trains and certifies new recovery coaches by promoting self-directed, Rational Recovery goals that get results.

Our curriculum focuses on growth, not rescue, and centers on the science of cognitive restructuring, self-accountability, habit change and the maintenance of recovery capital to face any relapse trigger that may arise in a client’s sober journey.

It is Starting Point’s premise that our thoughts and habits determine our health, personal relationships, social well-being, and our relationship with the universe. Without maintaining a balance and an ample supply of recovery capital in each of these life elements, a full recovery is near impossible to attain.

The characteristics of a great recovery coach lie within each of us.

Coaching candidates who possess the drive, determination and perseverance to learn and take that extra mile with clients, will make the best coaches.

If you are a non-clinical professional in a helping profession, have 3 years of sobriety, or are currently an A.A. sponsor and are ready to take your positive experiences to the next level, then this training is for you.

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Louis Gonzales, MS, PhD, CMLC

Dr Louis Gonzales PhD - MN

Dr. Gonzales offers over 30 years of professional experience in providing consulting, training and coaching services to a wide range of individual and family clientele, in addition to health and human services providers and community groups.


Fowler International Academy of Professional Coaching
Recovery Coaches International
National Anger Management Association
International Coach Federation (ICF)
National Association of Alcoholism and Drug Abuse Counselors (NAADAC)

Competencies taught:

  • Cognitive Restructuring: (aka CBT or Cognitive Behavioral Therapy), changing how one views oneself and the world.
  • Strength-focused coaching. Using a client’s inner strengths to help them view options and take positive steps.
  • Motivational Interviewing: person-centered method of getting clients to weigh the pros and cons of their behaviors and come to logical conclusions.
  • The Stages of Change Model: getting clients to move from a position of ambivalence to one of change. Solution-focused questioning: asking coping and solutions questions that empower a client to envision a preferred and manageable future.
  • Cost-Benefit Analysis: self-talk and mental brainstorming.
  • Laws and professional boundaries
  • Marketing your coaching services: professional networking and believing in your skills.