Mobile Apps Can Help Support & Strengthen Your Recovery!

Your recovery takes focus, dedication and commitment and there can be times when going it alone can be tough. While your friends and loved ones can offer support, it’s essential that you connect to like-minded people who truly understand your recovery and your daily struggles and achievements. However, you might be a busy person, on the go, or unable to travel to or attend meet-ups, meetings, and other sober support opportunities.

Today's Step Recovery AppLuckily, we live in a time where mobile apps and technology make connecting with others from the comfort of your mobile device a breeze! They also add a level of privacy to your recovery that hasn’t been available before. For example, you might feel uncomfortable pulling out your Big Book or other resources in book format on a bus, in the office, or other public situations. Now, you can read many forms of recovery support texts on your mobile device, and the people around you are none the wiser.

Here is a selection of mobile apps for iOS and Android to help keep you connected, inspired and in control:


Today’s Step: Inspiration and Support One Day at a Time for iPhone and Android. Whether you are in recovery or simply want to live in better health and awareness, this app delivers a daily message, easy-to-follow exercise videos, an audio meditation, and stories from our community. It is available for iPhone and iPod Touch, on Android, and on Amazon App Store for Android.

Sponsor Support: Sponsor Support is designed so that with a click, you can: contact your sponsor via voice or email, keep track of your recovery with a Success Calendar to keep you focused and inspired, a Daily Journal, Group Contacts, and Medical Contacts for times of need. Available at the iPhone App Store.

Hazelden Mobile Apps:  With Hazelden’s selection of 20 mobile applications, you’ll find the motivation you need to strengthen your recovery and inspire personal growth no matter where you are.  From apps based on their best-selling books that feature special enhancements like texts and video messages from the authors and more, Hazelden mobile applications are there when you need them most.

OneRecovery Meeting Finder: A comprehensive & easy to use meeting finder, connecting you to local meetings in seconds: locates AA, Al-Anon, CA, CMA, CODA, DA, EDA, GA, MA, NA, NicA, OA meetings.

iPromises:  iPromises is a free iPhone recovery app with trigger alerts, a visual journal, and a directory of phone numbers to find a meeting anywhere in the US, Canada, and some international offices. Add friends and share meetings, track your progress and challenges, and get a daily positive message
one day at time.

One Day at a Time Sobriety Counter: One Day at a Time is a free mobile Android app that displays in real-time the number of years, months, days, hours and minutes you have been sober. Also includes one-click sponser calling, Take upload a picture of you latest token or of someone who inspires you, and more!

Stop Drinking with Andrew Johnson:  Whether you want to stop drinking altogether or regain control and cut down, this relaxing, positive, motivational app will start to help you break those negative habits that lead to people reaching for a drink and give you the positive resources to achieve your goals, and so lead a happier, healthier, more fulfilling life.


Are you a teen or young adult who needs help maintaining your sobriety? Contact Starting Point today for information on relapse prevention and recovery support services.