How People Think: Habits of Thought

When conducting life or recovery coaching, have you ever felt that you’re just going around in circles with a client or that you’ve hit a barrier? Then, this article may help you in your work. It is about a process known as meta-programming a form of neuroscience called Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP). I like to refer to this term as habits of thought: How people think, make decisions, and how their thinking styles influence and motivate their behaviors.

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The 10 Biggest Mistakes Made by Recovery Coaches

There are many reasons why clients can’t move forward with the goals they have set for themselves: fear, unrealistic plans, goals set to high, and one hundred other reasons. But the main reasons may be right in front of a coach’s nose. Experienced colleagues in the field of recovery and life coaching have contributed common mistakes they once made when first starting their coaching careers; mistakes that can be happening to you today, or will happen as you grow in your profession. This does not mean that you are a poor coach, but that you must constantly be on the lookout for simple mistakes or unproductive behaviors that may get in the way of a client moving forward on the agenda he has set for himself.

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