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Looking for Help Staying Sober?

Imagine that you had an experienced, reliable guide helping you stay sober in ways that work for you? Starting Point is an affordable, non-residential, relapse prevention program that offers supportive coaching and guidance for teens and young adults.

Starting Point has been designed for young adults like you who are in fear of relapsing or have relapsed. Our coaches provide you with the skills and coping plans you need to combat the desire to relapse and use drugs or alcohol.

Certified Recovery Coaches

Our experienced team of certified recovery coaches assist you in learning what relapsing is all about and how it can work against you. We then help you identify and challenge your negative thinking patterns, and ultimately restructure the way you think about damaging and self-destructive behaviors.

You will learn to identify the relapse warning signs that may lead to a lapse in your sobriety and how to take positive steps to stay sober. At the same time, you will follow a practical substance abuse prevention plan that addresses your emotions in a positive and constructive way.

Low-Cost, Non-Residential Aftercare

Starting Point accepts referrals from residential treatment facilities, adult and juvenile probation departments, school social workers and self-referred individuals who have been in treatment and are fearing a relapse.

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Become a Recovery Coach Today!

We offer Recovery Coach Training to individuals interested in learning how to earn recovery coach certification through Starting Point.

Certified Wellness and Recovery Coach Training

Starting Point is a national leader in recovery coach training and its Master Coaches have over 31 years of professional experience in the design and delivery of training to a wide range of human services providers and community groups.

The training has been created from evidence-based practices of leading industry professionals and offers participants authoritative resources, from people who are using these methods daily.

Launch Your Recovery Coach Career Today!

The program is open to anyone interested in promoting substance use recovery by removing barriers and obstacles to recovery and serving as a personal guide and mentor to people seeking help in extending their sobriety.

Often, caring people who are new to the field bring to the training the best qualities needed to help others. If you have great enthusiasm, vitality, and new perspectives, we can teach you the rest.

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Call Starting Point toll free at 1-844-414-8444 for a schedule of training sessions.

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